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A Podcast with Asif and David

World War Z

Episode 71: Simple Geniuses

Asif and David are joined by David Carter and Michael Wolcott to discuss a special sneak preview of Gravity, World War Z, Breaking Bad, Grand Theft Auto V, and more!

Episode 60: The GoldenEye Challenge

Asif and David are joined by Herbie Gill and Chris Milner to discuss reasons for seeing (or not seeing) Man of Steel, comic book movies, horror movies, and British television. Then, we have a call-in and proceed to talk about the Zimmerman trial, bad knock-knock jokes, Syria, World War Z and finally: Chris challenges David to […]

Episode 59: Paula Deen’s 1200 Step Program

Asif and David discuss World War Z, Paula Deen’s unfortunate racism and affinity for butter, childhood misconceptions about transvestites, the creepiness of The Swapper and more!