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A Podcast with Asif and David

The Dark Knight Rises

Episode 13: Beeeeeeeep

Asif and David discuss The Walking Dead video game Episode 2, Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 1, The Dark Knight Rises (with special Batcast), Sons of Anarchy and much, much more!

Special Edition: The Batcast

Asif and David discuss The Dark Knight Rises in spoilerific detail, so if you haven’t seen it… don’t listen! (Or do, but seriously, don’t.)

Episode 12: Let’s Talk About Road House

Asif and David talk about Battlestar Galactica, nuclear weapons, Road House, Sam Elliot, roundhouse kicks, The Patrick Swayze era, a post-Batman entertainment apocalypse, Ted and more.

Episode 1: How the Machines Will Win

Episode One! Exciting times ahead. We talk about Game of Thrones, incest, why the internet should shut the hell up about Anne Hathaway being Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises, the Kinect being the beginning of the Machine Revolution, analyze Community and Parks and Recreation on characters, and make up a bunch of bullshit buddy cop movies.