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A Podcast with Asif and David

Mad Men

Episode 97: Too Much Sterling

Asif and David go over some amazing transcripts from Donald Sterling, then discuss Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, and more!

Episode 50: Always a Fan Favorite

Asif and David are joined by “fan favorite” Jess to discuss popular music, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, dragons, tittays, Dorf, Dishonored and much, much more.

Episode 8: Cedric The Entertainer’s Human

Asif and David talk about Prometheus (which spins off to a bonus podcast), the lie of “the IMAX experience,” then dig into Mad Men‘s 5th Season and Sherlock before they’re joined by two very special guests.

Episode 7B: Bidnits Part 2, The Revenge

Asif and David continue the ridiculous bidnits, while talking about the value of 21 Jump Street and the glorious finale of Game of Thrones.

Episode 7A: The Cost of Doing Bidnits

Asif and David get down to brass tacks, shift paradigms across the quads, and analyze the cost of doing Bidnits. Actually, they talk about Prometheus, and get into the penultimate episode of Mad Men season 5. But seriously, #bidnits.

Episode 4: Fat Mr. Belding’s Pudding Weight

Asif and David talk about Mad Men, featuring the emergence of Fat Mr. Belding, the internet griping endlessly, Jon Hamm’s advice to teenage girls, getting a “handful of Hoover”, Red State actually being about John Goodman, renewals on NBC, review Dark Shadows and Tim Burton. Also, white-faced Johnny Depp, Todd Sweeney, CPA, Attorney at Law, […]

Episode 3: Avenging Jewish Grandma Burglars

Asif and David talk about The Avengers, kissing Joss Whedon on the mouth, Nathan Fillion: Gay for Goats 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, Jewish grandmas, Jewish grandma burglars, David being the Batman of his neighborhood, Veep, advertisements, Nicolas Cage losing it, Prometheus, Mad Men, and everything in between… whatever that is.