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A Podcast with Asif and David

House of Cards

Episode 91: That Poor Triangle Guy

Asif and David discuss Robocop (both new and old), David’s first encounter with a symphony, Octodad, Threes, Maron, House of Cards, and much more!

Episode 84: Ghost Dollars, Ghost Doctors, and Ghost AIDS

Asif and David are joined by Chelsea Shorte to discuss House of Cards, the state of television, the fact that people from Boston rule, more Clumsy Ninja (so, so sorry), the state of ghost doctors and health care, Secret Santas, and more!

Episode 49: Put on Them Googly Eyes

Asif and David welcome Max Rosenblum to discuss love lost, googly-eyed dongs, Kim Jong Un, House of Cards, The Walking Dead, and so much more!

Episode 41: What Won’t I Masturbate To?

Asif and David are joined by Simone Shif to talk about House of Cards, Netflix, crying hearts for Phil Hartman, first dates, homeless folks, Southern accents, anniversaries, Simone’s increasingly disturbing masturbation habits, and dating in Washington, DC.

Episode 40: You Want Some of This Stuffed Crust?

Asif and David discuss Louis CK at the Kennedy Center, run-ins with Al Franken & drunk girls at comedy shows, old lady injuries, House of Cards, Pavlovian poops, and the ongoing state of comic books (including Invincible and Deadpool Volume 4). Hollywood Pitch Funtime is coming to you live! Details: Who in the What Now? […]