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A Podcast with Asif and David

Game of Thrones

Episode 98: Ever Since the Tet Offensive

Asif and David are joined by Ryan Schutt to discuss The Amazing Spider-man 2 (sort of), a strange weight loss pamphlet for fat kids (and their disappointed parents), Game of Thrones, and more!

Episode 97: Too Much Sterling

Asif and David go over some amazing transcripts from Donald Sterling, then discuss Mad Men, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, and more!

Episode 95: Strange Trips Out West

Asif and David discuss David’s strange trip out West, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Snowpiercer, Game of Thrones, Community, Parks and Recreation & more!

Episode 58: Also, DickTits

Asif and David talk about Man of Steel, Gunpoint, Game of Thrones, stupidity in video games and much more!

Episode 55: Star Trek/Wars

Asif and David talk about Star things (Command, Trek, Wars), Game of Thrones, and much more!


Asif and David discuss Surgery Simulator 2013, Game of Thrones, the Cleveland kidnappings (including the fraud that is Silvia Browne), “watery graves”, Star Command, and much more.

Episode 52: Why Would They Do That To People?

Asif and David are joined by the Comedic Intent Podcast guys, CJ Kirkwood and Brandon Fisher, to discuss Django Unchained, Game of Thrones, Mario’s bad decisions, and play a terrible Jelly Bean game called “BeanBoozled”. Click here to watch David eat five beans at once with horrifying results.

Episode 52: It Was A Week

Asif and David discuss the Boston Bombings, Waco Explosion, and the rest of the nutty crap that happened the week of 4/22, get into some TV and movie discussion, read the insane Delta Gamma sorority letter (with commentary!) and more. Hollywood Pitch Funtime is coming to you live! Details: Who in the What Now? 1219 […]

Episode 50: Always a Fan Favorite

Asif and David are joined by “fan favorite” Jess to discuss popular music, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, dragons, tittays, Dorf, Dishonored and much, much more.

Episode 7B: Bidnits Part 2, The Revenge

Asif and David continue the ridiculous bidnits, while talking about the value of 21 Jump Street and the glorious finale of Game of Thrones.