About Last Week…

A Podcast with Asif and David


Episode 40: You Want Some of This Stuffed Crust?

Asif and David discuss Louis CK at the Kennedy Center, run-ins with Al Franken & drunk girls at comedy shows, old lady injuries, House of Cards, Pavlovian poops, and the ongoing state of comic books (including Invincible and Deadpool Volume 4). Hollywood Pitch Funtime is coming to you live! Details: Who in the What Now? […]

Episode 37: One is a Terrorist and the Other is Not

Asif and David are joined by Romane Walters to discuss Looper, Red Dead Redemption, Gangster Squad, real events in movies, Founding Father Fanfics, Deadpool, Romane’s Amnesia: The Dark Descent liveplay and much more!

Episode 6: Kicking Kids into the Deadpool

Asif tolerates David waxing philosophic about Velveeta Shells & Cheese, Deadpool comics, and the importance of Robin to his childhood’s Batman. Also, Asif watched Drive and the gents talk about hammers.