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A Podcast with Asif and David

Dark Shadows

Episode 5: Apologies for Gettin’ Wizarded with Kucinich

Asif apologizes to celebrities, while David sells them patio furniture on Craigslist. Elizabeth and Dennis Kucinich, specifically. After a gripping tale involving a Pale Goddess and friendly former congressman, the fellows talk about a mother’s day viewing of Dark Shadows and the unceremonious ousting of Community creator, Dan Harmon. #KUCINICHED

Episode 4: Fat Mr. Belding’s Pudding Weight

Asif and David talk about Mad Men, featuring the emergence of Fat Mr. Belding, the internet griping endlessly, Jon Hamm’s advice to teenage girls, getting a “handful of Hoover”, Red State actually being about John Goodman, renewals on NBC, review Dark Shadows and Tim Burton. Also, white-faced Johnny Depp, Todd Sweeney, CPA, Attorney at Law, […]