About Last Week…

A Podcast with Asif and David

Clumsy Ninja

Episode 89: A Sandwich by Any Other Name

Asif and David discuss Community (which continues to be good), Clumsy Ninja (which continues to be dumb), Nightwatch (which David mistakenly calls Darkwatch), and more! It gets incredibly silly at the end.

Episode 84: Ghost Dollars, Ghost Doctors, and Ghost AIDS

Asif and David are joined by Chelsea Shorte to discuss House of Cards, the state of television, the fact that people from Boston rule, more Clumsy Ninja (so, so sorry), the state of ghost doctors and health care, Secret Santas, and more!

Episode 83: Clumsy Ninja is your Clumsy Therapist

Asif and David are joined by Jamel Johnson to discuss strange goings on at comedy open mics, annoying things at shows, Sons of Anarchy, the coming robot apocalypse, and a whole slew of other fun.