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A Podcast with Asif and David

Breaking Bad

Episode 73: Impressive Plainviews

Asif and David are joined by David Tveite to discuss Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver (again), do some Daniel Plainview impressions, Breaking Bad, GTA V, and so goddamned much more.

Episode 72: The Co-pissioner

Asif and David are joined by Stephen Nicks to discuss Gingerdead Man 3: Saturday Night Cleaver, random brushes with fame, GTA V, Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy and more!

Episode 71: Simple Geniuses

Asif and David are joined by David Carter and Michael Wolcott to discuss a special sneak preview of Gravity, World War Z, Breaking Bad, Grand Theft Auto V, and more!


Asif and David are joined by David Carter to talk about Identity Thief, the Universe’s instant solutions for being spit on, bank stories, potential origin stories, doctors, and of course, Breaking Bad.

Episode 69: The Heisenberg of Breaking Bad

Asif and David welcome Ruth Rasby to talk about Super (don’t watch it), Hell on Wheels, Deadwood, Asif’s childhood reading habits, Breaking Bad, and much more!

Episode 68: It’s a Long One

Asif and David are joined by Ryan Schutt to discuss Ben Affleck as Batman, nostalgia, The World’s End, and eventually Breaking Bad. Don’t let the length scare you.

Episode 67: Pee Bucket

Asif and David talk about DC Beer Week events, gross PDA couples, unfortunate run-ins with trash cans filled with pee, the game Gone Home, and the final episodes of Breaking Bad.

Episode 66: The Emotional Human Says “Wah”

Asif and David discuss Breaking Bad‘s return, Elysium, some crazy murdery Facebook guy, and Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox!

Episode 63: That Cream is Called Depression

Asif and David are joined by Becca Steinhoff to talk about Jury Duty, Runaway Jury, Orange is the New Black, more Arrested Development, Becca’s TV-watching habits, Dexter, True Blood, Breaking Bad and much more!

Episode 24: Double Down Quato

Asif and David are joined by Ryan Schutt to discuss the media, Twitter, the internet, The Walking Dead, Hell on Wheels, and some other stuff. Catch Ryan at Laugh Your Grits Off, October 14th at 2pm. David will be at The Barking Dog tomorrow, October 10th for Pack of Laughs.

Episode 20: Sweet Time Traveling Transvestites

Asif and David discuss The Walking Dead: The Game: Episode 3, Wilfred, talk about near-fights, and a desperate fear of the police. This week, we also have a special Breaking Bad edition of the podcast!

Episode 17: A Miracle of Modern Murder

Asif and David explore the morality of being a Rich Kid of Instagram, Breaking Bad, Louie, and more! Next week, Rich Bennett will be on the show. Check out his brunch free stand-up comedy show Laugh Your Grits Off this weekend, Saturday, August 25th, 2012.

Episode 16: Alien Snuff Films

Asif and David talk about The Olympics, science, the Curiosity rover, and the Internet before moving on to Quantum Conundrum, Breaking Bad, and alien snuff films.

Episode 14: Zero Gravity Fart Races

Asif and David discuss cat butt issues, Birdemic, The Amazing Spider-Man, how Louis CK is the new Woody Allen, Breaking Bad, and farting in space. They classy.

Episode 13: Beeeeeeeep

Asif and David discuss The Walking Dead video game Episode 2, Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 1, The Dark Knight Rises (with special Batcast), Sons of Anarchy and much, much more!