About Last Week…

A Podcast with Asif and David


Episode 68: It’s a Long One

Asif and David are joined by Ryan Schutt to discuss Ben Affleck as Batman, nostalgia, The World’s End, and eventually Breaking Bad. Don’t let the length scare you.

Episode 17: A Miracle of Modern Murder

Asif and David explore the morality of being a Rich Kid of Instagram, Breaking Bad, Louie, and more! Next week, Rich Bennett will be on the show. Check out his brunch free stand-up comedy show Laugh Your Grits Off this weekend, Saturday, August 25th, 2012.

Episode 13: Beeeeeeeep

Asif and David discuss The Walking Dead video game Episode 2, Breaking Bad Season 5 Episode 1, The Dark Knight Rises (with special Batcast), Sons of Anarchy and much, much more!

Special Edition: The Batcast

Asif and David discuss The Dark Knight Rises in spoilerific detail, so if you haven’t seen it… don’t listen! (Or do, but seriously, don’t.)

Episode 6: Kicking Kids into the Deadpool

Asif tolerates David waxing philosophic about Velveeta Shells & Cheese, Deadpool comics, and the importance of Robin to his childhood’s Batman. Also, Asif watched Drive and the gents talk about hammers.

Episode 3: Avenging Jewish Grandma Burglars

Asif and David talk about The Avengers, kissing Joss Whedon on the mouth, Nathan Fillion: Gay for Goats 2012, The Amazing Spider-Man trailer, Jewish grandmas, Jewish grandma burglars, David being the Batman of his neighborhood, Veep, advertisements, Nicolas Cage losing it, Prometheus, Mad Men, and everything in between… whatever that is.